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I started my teaching career in 2001 after seventeen years working in the costume business.  My early work life served as a rich training ground both artistically and professionally.  As a shopper for Barbara Matera, Ltd., a Broadway costume house, which created the costumes for American Ballet Theatre and countless Broadway shows, I had the privilege of working with the star costume designers and technicians of the New York design world.  The most valuable things I learned from Barbara and all the artists and craftspeople were the importance of the right fabric, materials, and techniques that go into each successful costume.  I then worked as an assistant designer for such top-notch designers in New York as Jess Goldstein, Jennifer Von Mayrhauser and William Ivey Long, learning the craft and the business behind the art of creating designs for the theatre.  As the wardrobe supervisor at Long Wharf Theater I worked with renowned wig master Paul Huntley learning the importance of beautifully made custom wigs in the visual creation of character.  Also in that position I had an in-depth contact with top-notch actors and the various ways in which they use the visual magic of costumes to aid in their transformation into character onstage. Four seasons at the Santa Fe Opera schooled me in the art and craft of contemporary and classic opera costuming.  After my formal training at the Yale School of Drama I began a decade long period in Los Angeles working as an assistant designer on major feature films including Men In Black, Casino, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Oscar nom) for designers such as Mary Vogt, Carol Oditz, Julie Weiss, Rita Ryack, John Dunn, and Daniel Orlandi.  This real world experience continues to serve me well in the profession and as a teacher today.