To read full reviews follow links on each production's portfolio gallery.  Selected quotes from reviews below. 

"All of the figures are endowed by costume designer Maggie Morgan with a painterly grandeur."
ENDGAME  Charles McNulty Los Angeles Times 5/3/16

"Maggie Morgan’s costumes are appropriately attractive for the occasion."
IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU, Sam Hurwitt Mercury News 9/10/2016

"The cast and creative team also do a great job of aging the characters remarkably convincingly..." TENDERLY, Sam Hurwitt Mercury News 9/9/15

"As with most Center Rep productions, the show is well done with Butler's excellent direction, Maggie Morgan's costumes, Eric Flatmo's sets and understated sound and lights..."
DON'T DRESS FOR DINNER, Pat Craig San Jose Mercury News 10/30/13

“Both the variety and the quality of Maggie Morgan's costume designs are especially impressive…”
SOUL DOCTOR, Off Broadway- NYTW  Barbara & Scott Segal, THEATERMANIA 8/13/12

"...elegant revue..."
A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING    Marcus Crowder   Sacramento Bee 1/31/11

“Misalliance,” which is receiving a most attractive mounting at South Coast Repertory under the direction of Martin Benson, is like a river overflowing its banks….Maggie Morgan’s costumes add color to scenery that, like Shaw’s writing, imaginatively blends the natural with the artificial.”                                        MISALLIANCE, South Coast Rep  Charles McNultyLos Angeles Times,  9/19/10

 “Maggie Morgan's attractive mix of jeans, boots and blouses in period silhouette evokes the kind of attire thesps don to keep themselves in the appropriate mood”
CAMELOT, Pasadena Playhouse   Bob Verini- Variety,   1/17/10

“Walker (is) resplendent in costume designer Maggie Morgan’s tie-dye maxi dresses…”
THE NIGHT IS A CHILD,  Pasadena Playhouse  Charlotte Stoudt   Los Angeles Times, 9/6/09

"from gloomy to bright...expertly defined...Designer Maggie Morgan accomplishes...transition with costume. In London, the women (excluding Lady Caroline, who is consistently glamourous), trudge in restricting gray-as-a-winter-sky suits. In Italy, the glide on and offstage in lightweight spring-colored dresses..." 
ENCHANTED APRIL  Arizona Theatre Company,  K.M. Sarver, Midtown Messenger 10/20/08

“Maggie Morgan's costumes communicate many nuances of character. Catherine's garishly red ball gown is perfectly not-quite-right – the choice of a socially insecure young woman uncomfortable with New York's high-society rules and manners. The work of Buderwitz and Morgan are part of an impressive synergy in Benson's elegant staging.” 
THE HEIRESS  South Coast Rep,    Paul Hodgins, Orange County Register, Oct 26, 2008 

“…the Playhouse has… its as usual excellent production values… complemented by…Maggie Morgan's costumes, mostly 1970's biker clothes, jeans, leathers and vests, reminiscent of Hair…[with] one mid-show burst of applause for Rusty's pirate costume which sports a parrot on the shoulder.” 
MASK: A NEW MUSICAL   Laura Hitchcock, CURTAIN UP, March 21, 2007

“Maggie Morgan has designed a triumphant velvet and feathers cape for the Bad Fairy, and Wailes is stunning in a series of white Frocks…”
SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES  Kirk Douglas Theatre/Deaf West,  Bob Verini, VARIETY4/9/07

Maggie Morgan's costumes set an authentic period tone..." 
DEFIANCE Pasadena Playhouse Steven Mikulan LA WEEKLY 2/1/07

“ …Maggie Morgan’s costumes are perfectly opulent.”
BACH AT LEIPZIG  South Coast Rep,  F. Kathleen Foley,  Los Angeles TimesOctober 3, 2006

“And Maggie Morgan’s giddy, colorful costumes make sense when these men start behaving like peacocks.”
BACH AT LEIPZIG  South Coast Rep, Paul Hodgins, Orange County Register, October 2, 2006

“…just the right costumes by Maggie Morgan, this is a show to be savored.”
A LITTLE TRAVELING MUSIC, Helen’s, NYC Richmond Shepard, Performing Arts Insider 12-05